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The Argentinian franchise Jaguares, which participates in the prestigious Super Rugby tournament with the best rugby teams in the Southern Hemisphere, was in New Zealand between May 10 and 18 to play two games, against the Highlanders in Dunedin on the 11th and against the Hurricanes in Wellington on the 17th.


The Embassy took advantage of this visit to carry out some side activities and show New Zealanders more about our culture and our sport, in addition to promoting tourism to Argentina. On Wednesday the 15th the Ambassador offered an informal dinner to the Jaguares team in the Official Residence, while on Thursday 16 we made a visit with 5 players to the Petone Rugby Club, in which they could participate in the training of the boys from 9 to 13 years old, exchange shirts with the club authorities, sign autographs and experience a haka. In addition, thanks to the support of Latin America CAPE, we had the pleasure to feature our folklorist Fabio Robles.

This activity was broadcasted in a Maori TV report that came out on Friday the 17th at 6.30pm. This can be seen in this link: https://www.maoritelevision.com/news/sport/jaguares-share-their-culture-...

Also, on the day of the match, Friday the 17th, we set up an Argentine stand in the inner ring of the stadium, decorated with our colors, posters and flags, in which we screend tourist videos and answered questions from locals, with the help of Priscilla Mills, of the Latin American Alliance. In addition, we have two tango couples who danced while the audience entered the stands.

Finally, we had the enormous privilege of being able to have Master Fabio Robles, who performed a wonderful show of Malambo at halftime, introduced live by HE the Ambassador.

The night could not end better as the Jaguares achieved a historic win against Hurricanes by 28 to 20, which leaves them in a very good position for the future.