Embassy in New Zeland

Consular Fees

Updated date: 19/01/2018

Consular Fees and Methods of Payment

The following consular fees are in USD, but they are paid in NZD. It is important that you confirm with the Consular Section as to the corresponding fee in NZD before paying due to the fluctuating exchange rate.

Transit Visa


 Tourism Visa


 Travel Certificate


 Temporary Residence


 Permanent Residence


 Documentation for permanent or temporary residency for Immigration in Argentina


 Certificate of parental consent for travelling minors


 Request for Police Clearance Certificate from Argentina



 Methods of Payment

The Embassy of Argentina in Wellington only accepts the following forms of payment:

• Bank Transfer. Once we have received the documents and completed forms for your transaction we will send you an email with payment instructions including the amount in NZD and our bank account number. Please note it is necessary for you to add your surname or passport number as reference for the bank transfer in order for us to identify who it is that has paid their fee.


• We will only accept the exact amount as payment for the corresponding transaction. Therefore, it is important you check with the Consulate as to the current exchange rate before paying..

• We do not accept cheques or cash.


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