Embassy in New Zeland

Role of the Consular Section

Updated date: 27/11/2012

The Consular Section

The role of the Consular Section of this Embassy is to assit those Argentine Citizens that require consular services or help during their stay in New Zealand.

The Consular Section also provides Immigration and Visa advice for those New Zealanders and Citizens of other countries currently residing in New Zealand who are travelling to the Republic of Argentina.

What the Consulate can do for you?

  • Issue, renew or replace passports for Argentine citizens. 
  • Ensure that relatives are informed regarding accidents, deaths, or natural disasters and provide assistance.
  • Give assistance to Argentine citizens in prison and help them communicate with their relatives.
  • Contact the local authorities in the search for missing persons.
  • Issue travel authorizations to minors with the consent of their parents or guardians.
  • Offer assistance to minors or disabled citizens, especially in regards to custody or legal guardianship matters.
  • Provide those who were born abroad with Argentine parents with the option to obtain Argentine citizenship.

What the Consulate cannot do for you:

  • Participate in legal issues or obtain release for citizens in prison.
  • Give legal advice or instigate court proceedings on your behalf.
  • Arrange care that is different than customary for local people in a hospital or prison.
  • Undertake tasks corresponding to by travel representatives, airlines, banks or motoring organizations.
  • Provide you with air transportation or funds to return to your country or to continue your trip, except in certain exceptional repatriation cases.
  • Give you money or pay your hotel, legal, medical or any other bills.
  • Obtain accommodation, work or a residence permit for you, or act as your guarantor.

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