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The Embassy of Argentina in New Zealand

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What do we do?

Assistance for  New Zealand importers

The Economic and Commercial Section helps importers from New Zealand get in contact with Argentine counterparts, to match their interests in order to promote Argentine exports and cooperation between both countries.

Specific requests from Kiwi importers are uploaded in the Argentine system of trading opportunities after an assessment by the Economic and Commercial Section. Through this system, trade opportunities are available to Argentine companies, chambers, associations and trade organisations in the provinces and municipalities throughout the country.

Also, the Commercial Section assists importers to meet Argentine companies by organising showrooms, tastings and various events for the promotion of their products or services in the local environment.

If you would like to see a list of Argentine exporters, please visit http://buyargentina.gob.ar/search, or if you are looking for Argentine suppliers or producers of a specific product, please contact us at the Embassy.


Trade Missions/Individual Visits

The organisation of trade missions, either through an Argentine government agency or individual visits, is one of the main tasks of the Economic and Commercial Section.

After having assessed the export potential of a product, we contact key people at New Zealand companies, so  Argentine counterparts meet decision makers directly in order to make the process efficient.

Furthermore, the Commercial Section performs, upon request from the ExportAr agency or individual companies, the screening of New Zealand importers to participate in reverse missions to our country.


International Tenders

The Embassy's Commercial Section tracks international tenders called by the Argentine National and Provincial Governments, as well as by other agencies or institutions from Argentina. These calls for tenders are communicated to New Zealand chambers, associations and companies with a potential interest in taking part in them.


Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in Argentina

The Embassy's Commercial Section also promotes Trade Fairs, Shows and Exhibitions in Argentina to those New Zealand Companies that it feels may be interested in taking part.

For an up-to-date list of those upcoming events please visit this link.


Tips for doing business in Argentina

• New Zealanders do not need a business or tourist visa to enter Argentina.

• Personal relationships in business are important. Business relationships in Argentina are based on trust and familiarity. Personal contacts and networks are important in making business deals.Cultivating friendships will improve your success in the business world in Argentina.

• Familiar management of companies is common but is slowly changing. Business organisations in Argentina tend to be hierarchical. Decisions and ideas are generated at the top.

• Status is important in Argentine society and respect should be given to supervisors and work colleagues.

• Business strategies are often dominated by short term considerations (thanks to years of hyper-inflation)

• Companies will generally have employees with a high level of English (especially large companies), but it is wise, however, to bring an interpreter to meetings if you do not have a proficient knowledge of Spanish.

• Dress codes and behaviour are very formal.

• Negotiations can be quite lengthy as Argentines are very detail-oriented and want to examine everything thoroughly before reaching an agreement. The behaviour or relationship among work colleagues is generally quite informal however they rely on a clear, work-related structure and value rules and procedures.

• Avoid business visits from mid-December to February

• Acknowledging messages is not always common practice in Argentina businesses.

• Like most countries, stereotypes are not appreciated. ‘Mañana mañana’ may be a common Latin American attitude but not one that necessarily is practised in all countries when it comes to business.

• Argentina is known for its hospitality to immigrants and visitors and for welcoming them with open arms.

• To share a meal develops business relations and, sometimes, is fundamental before doing business.