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The Embassy of Argentina in New Zealand

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Updated date: 21/11/2019

On Tuesday 19 November we organized the function “Argentina’s Malbec, Mountains and Tango” to promote our country as a tourist destination among approximately 100 travel agents from the most important agencies throughout the Wellington region.

This promotion activity was carried out in conjunction with Viva Expeditions and Air New Zealand, who delivered excellent presentations on the amazing tourist attractions of Argentina, and the advantages of the direct flight between Auckland and Buenos Aires, in addition to raffling air tickets and accommodation to travel to Argentina, for one lucky winner from Kapiti.

Also, the Ambassador addressed the audience to highlight the strong bond between Argentina and New Zealand, and in particular the relevant increase in bilateral tourism in the last few years.

Attendees enjoyed the excellent Argentine wine and our typical dishes -such as empanadas, chorizos, tenderloin and alfajores-, and learn some Tango thanks to teachers Irina and Mark, from Tango Wellington.

The function was a real success, thus we hope to replicate it in another New Zealand city in 2020, with the aim of promoting tourism to Argentina.

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