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Parent´s Consent for an Argentinean children

Updated date: 27/07/2016

Parent´s consent for an Argentinean children

When a Parents consent´s is needed?

• Under the age of 18 travelling by themselves or with only one parent must obtain a legalized Parents’ Consent. Some exceptions may apply.

How to obtain a parent´s consent?

A) By a Notary Public. The letter of consent before a Public Notary must have the “Apostille” Stamp (NOT DIGITAL ONE) issued by the Department of Internal Affairs.  (Please visit their web page at www.dia.govt.nz) Translation to Spanish will also be needed. No further authentication will be needed to make the document valid in Argentina.

B)  From the Consulate of Argentina. For that purpose both parents must sign a form.
Once in Argentina, you will need to certify the Consul´s signature at the Argentinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores) at Arenales 819, Ciudad de Buenos Aires Argentina. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm. Phone: 48197000 ext 8095/8629/7854/7900. Email: tecninca@mrecic.gov.ar

Note: an appointment is necessary to be arranged in advance, please contact us visas_enzel@mrecic.gov.ar

Which documents I need in order to obtain a Parent´s consents?

Each parent must present:

• A valid DNI and passport  (as a prove of their identity)
• An original birth certificate of the underage child (as a prove of parenthood)
• DNI and Passport of the underage child

Note: the minor must travel with the parent’s consents and his/her original birth certificate. If it is a foreign birth certificate it has to be translated into Spanish and Apostilled.


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