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The Embassy of Argentina in New Zealand

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Hello and welcome to the website for the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in New Zealand.

The principal objective of this website is to provide those Argentine Nationals thinking of coming to New Zealand, those that are on their way and those already in this country, with the most up to date information relevant to their stay. This site is also designed to help those New Zealanders looking to do the same but in Argentina.

New Zealand and Argentina established international relations in 1964 and since this time both countries have contributed to the construction of a dynamic and tight relationship. It has come a long way and has a bright future ahead of it, and we hope this will be reached with the presence of Argentines and New Zealanders happy to grow this friendship.

We are sure that this website will prove useful to those who use it and a good communication tool to the wider community. We aim to keep the information current so that people in New Zealand, of whichever nationality, are kept up to date with information on the activities and events happening around the country either organised by this Embassy or other parties showcasing Argentine culture in some way.

As in any new project, feedback is always helpful. We therefore welcome your comments as to things you like about this website, things we may have missed or could do better. Please email your feedback to info_enzel@mrecic.gov.ar – your cooperation is appreciated.

The Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in New Zealand


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