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Post date: 17/04/2019

As part of the State Modernization Plan, the Electronic Document Management  system (GDE) will be implemented as from today, 15 April 2019, as the only means for generating internationally valid Apostilles and Certifications issued by the Argentine Republic.

Argentine Civil Law Notaries Associations are part of the project, within the framework of the Agreement entered into between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and the Federal Council of Argentine Notaries authorizing notaries to issue Apostilles, Internationally Valid Certifications and Signature Certifications.

The new format of the Apostilles and internationally valid Certifications generated through the Electronic Document Management system will continue to have the same national and international legality requirements and will apply to both public documents bearing digital or electronic signatures and documents with holographic signatures. The only difference between one and the other is that e-documents will be required to be embedded in the Apostille/internationally valid certification form, whereas paper-based documents having holographic signatures will not be embedded.


This initiative implies a first advance in the digital procedure of certification and signature, abbreviating the times of completion and granting of documentation apostilled and certificated by our country with international validity

For more information about the implementation of the electronic Apostille and the Certifications having international electronic validity, you can access the following link: https://www.cancilleria.gob.ar/es/servicios/legalizaciones/legalizacion-apostilla-o- qualification

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